Angel Nagar Day School

Mercy Home – Angel Nagar

The Angel Nagar Day School was created to support and educate local children with disabilities, with the hope of eventually being main streamed into the local society. These children stay at home instead of going to school, leaving them with no chance of advancement. They are completely dependent on their families, and have limited choices once their parents pass. They will either end up in a facility like our Annaikarai home, if they are lucky, or on the streets without care and support. We knew that something needed to be done for these children. After working with the central and local governments in India, we were granted permission to begin development of the day school.

Grand opening ceremony


The local Catholic Diocese generously donated the land, and the local government agreed to pay the on-going teachers’ salaries and maintenance. This allows the school to run independent of external assistance and donations. The school has an eight to one ratio of students to teachers, and has fully functioning physical and speech therapy rooms. The Angel Nagar Day School opened on December 3rd, 2013, followed by our grand opening ceremony on December 10th, 2013.


Thank you for your support!

With your support, we’ll continue to improve the education and lives of special needs children in Annaikarai.