Project 2

Mercy Home – Angel Nagar

With this project we created a Day School where local children can be sent for education with the hope of eventually being main streamed into the local society. Currently, there are approximately 25 children living at home with no chance of any advancement. They are completely dependent on their families and have limited choices once their parents pass. They will either end up in a facility like our Annaikarai home, if they are lucky, or on the streets with no care or support. In cooperation with the Central and local governments in India we have completed construction of this school! The local Catholic Diocese donated the land and the local government agreed to pay the on-going teachers’ salaries and maintenance. The School has an 8 to one ratio of students to teachers and will have physical and speech therapy rooms (projected date of completion- January 2016). The school opened on December 3, 2010.

The goal of this project is to teach these local special needs children to become productive members of the local villages, they will be taught how to read, write, and to care for themselves. They are bused in from the villages each day and returned home each afternoon.

The pictures below chronicle our work to complete this project.

October 2010.  Blueprints have been approved and the ground has been cleared.

Ceremonial first brick is laid.  Agreements are reached with government officials to maintain on going support.   Local contractors are awarded work and the construction begins.


August 2011.  Construction is well under way.  Foundations are all in including support pilings. Walls are going up and the scaffolding is being put into place to start the concrete roof.