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The Foundation does not have any paid employees. All aspects of running the organization are completed by a volunteer staff. All funds raised through donations or fundraisers go directly to building and maintaining the projects.


10th Annual Fluke Fishing Tournament

August 1st, 2015

High Bar Harbor, LBI

Stay tuned, more details to follow!

All are invited!


2013 Update

 Building Tour
 Note: Oct 2013

 Note: Oct 2013



 Angel Nagar 2012
 Note: May 2012
 Run Time: 4:40

 Annaikarai 2012
 Note: May 2012
 Run Time: 2:35

 Dedication Speech
 Note: June 2010
 Run Time: 7:01

 Construction Complete
 Note: October 2010
 Run Time: 7:56

 Angel Nagar
 Note: October 2010
 Run Time: 4:47



mission statement

The Mercy Home Foundation, Inc. is a non profit New Jersey Corporation created to build and maintain homes and schools for mentally and physically challenged women and children. To create improved living conditions for women and children in the United States, India and worldwide and to raise awareness of their plight.

Once a facility is built the Mercy Home Foundation will continue to offer support. Create education programs to help residents better themselves and increase their potential to become more self-sufficient. Assist and advise on providing basic health care and physical therapy to the sick and infirm. Assist and advise on providing basic staples and assist financially and managerially to improve the quality of life of those less fortunate.

current project

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completed project

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