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The Foundation does not have any paid employees. All aspects of running the organization are completed by a volunteer staff. All funds raised through donations or fundraisers go directly to building and maintaining the projects. your donation today to help support women and children in need


12th Annual Fluke Fishing Tournament

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bayview Marina
13th & Bayview Avenue
Barnegat Light



past events

2017 Valentines Dinner Dance

February 18, 2017
New Venue:
Indian Spring Country Club

11th Annual Fluke Fishing Tournament

Saturday, August 6, 2016
New Venue: Bayview Marina
Barnegat Light, NJ

Thank you for making this event a success.


mission statement

The Mercy Home Foundation, Inc. is a non profit New Jersey Corporation created to build and maintain homes and schools for mentally and physically challenged women and children. To create improved living conditions for women and children in the United States, India and worldwide and to raise awareness of their plight.

Once a facility is built the Mercy Home Foundation will continue to offer support. Create education programs to help residents better themselves and increase their potential to become more self-sufficient. Assist and advise on providing basic health care and physical therapy to the sick and infirm. Assist and advise on providing basic staples and assist financially and managerially to improve the quality of life of those less fortunate.

Mercy Home Foundation Update

2010 Annaikarai. We have 96 women living at the Mercy Home Foundation main Annaikarai home and thriving.  Conditions are clean and they are well cared for and well fed.  Thanks to your support and the unending dedication of the Sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus (SSHJ) Convent in Annaikarai. Lead by Sister Superior Yancy.   They are the people who look after our project and look after the women. This building was completed in 2010.

2013 Angel Day School. Completed in 2013 this school serves local special needs children living in the area. They are bused in each day and return to their villages each afternoon.  Currently 27 children attend.  This project is maintained and managed by the JACID foundation, under the supervision of Hema Raja.

2015 Fr Francis Ravi Wingling Physical Therapy Building. Annaikarai. Following the passing of our dear friend Fr Francis, the man who first got us interested in India, we built a physical therapy building on the Annaikarai compound. Completed in 2016. This facility helps, as many of the special needs women on site have physical challenges.  This is also administered by the SSHJ convent.

2016 This year we mainly increased security on the Annaikarai compound with night watchmen and a closed-circuit TV system. We assisted with teacher’s salaries and supplies at Angel Day School.  The Government is now paying the salaries of the teaching staff.

2017 When I made my annual visit to the existing projects this past January I brought a special guest. My 85 year old father, made the 24 hour journey with me.  Having been a longtime supporter, it was amazing to see him there, in the buildings. He was completely taken aback.  Although having followed the progress through pictures and videos, he was overwhelmed with emotion at being in the buildings and interacting with the residents and staff.  He was completely impressed with the size and condition of the buildings and the gardens surrounding them, that the residents themselves all maintain as part of their therapy. It gave me new passion to do more.  That is why we are building the dormitory project.

current project

7,000 square foot addition to the Annaikarai

New Project 7,000 square foot addition to the Annaikarai main building providing housing for over 30 children currently attending school on the premises.  This new children’s dormitory will provide clean safe housing for the local children abandoned or orphaned. more...

completed projects

Thank you for Supporting "ANNAIKARAI" School

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We are currently raising money to purchase books, desks, and a playground to complete the school.

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