Project 4

7,000 square foot addition to the Annaikarai

New Project 7,000 square foot addition to the Annaikarai main building providing housing for over 30 children currently attending school on the premises.  This new children’s dormitory will provide clean safe housing for the local children abandoned or orphaned.  Currently they are housed in some old dilapidated buildings. Remember several years ago when we first constructed the current 14,000 square foot building it was designed to accommodate a second floor.  Now is the time! We will construct ½ of the total area 7,000 SQ FT completely.  The cost of this project is estimated to be around $100,000.00.  We have already started gathering raw materials on site and as soon as the rainy season passes we will begin construction.  We are shooting for a January 2018 completion.  You can support us by attending our fund raisers, direct donations and by spreading the word on the work we are doing.