Mercy Home Foundation, Inc.

The Mercy Home Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit company created to build and maintain homes for physically and mentally challenged women and to raise awareness of their plight. The Foundation doesn't have any paid employees. All aspects of running the organization are completed by a volunteer staff. All money raised through donations or fundraisers go directly to building and maintaining the projects. Currently, the Mercy Home Foundation’s projects are supporting nearly 90 women and children; providing safe housing and basic education.

The Mercy Home Foundation, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable, literary, scientific, and educational purposes provided for under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit. The Mercy Home Foundation, Inc. is a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation.

Federal ID: 20-8639679 NJ Charities Registration: CH2933100


Mark Finelli graduated from Southern Connecticut State College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 1980. Mr. Finelli is the President of a software development company in New Jersey, he founded in 1981. Mr. Finelli has made several trips to India and has spent time at the current Mercy Home facilities. Mr. Finelli is married with five children and eight grandchildren.

Scott A. Duman is Vice President of Mark Systems, a Mount Holly, New Jersey based software company that provides enterprise-wide solutions to the home building industry. He is also a Principal of 55 High Street, LLC, which owns and operates commercial real estate. Mr. Duman is a member of the Board of Trustees of Laurel Creek Country Club in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Mr. Duman currently serves on Laurel Creek’s Executive Committee as the Club’s Corporate Secretary. Mr. Duman served as an Adjunct Professor at Rowan College, teaching Managerial Finance. He also served as a member of the Rowan College MBA Advisory Committee from 1995 until 2002 and Co-Chair of the MBA Marketing Committee. Mr. Duman received his M.B.A. from Rowan College of New Jersey in 1994 and B.S. in Computer Science from Glassboro State College in 1986.

Elizabeth Stallone is employed at Mark Systems as a Quality Assurance Product Specialist. Ms. Stallone is the mother of three grown children, having raised them as a single working mother. Ms. Stallone is the Aunt to a severely mentally handicapped adult woman, who requires full time care. She understands intimately the joys and sorrows of caring for and living with the mentally handicapped. Ms. Stallone is a volunteer for the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ.

Lynne Finelli graduated from West Chester University in 1999 with a Bachelors degree in Special Education. Mrs. Finelli is currently employed as a Behavioral Specialist for children with Autism. Mrs. Finelli has worked as a Special Education Teacher for various ages and disabilities. Mrs. Finelli specializes in creating programs for children to be successful in various school settings and family residences. She is married with three children.